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Spa Day At Home Idea. How To Celebrate Birthday or Mothers Day At Home.

How To Celebrate During Quarantine

If you or someone you love has to celebrate their Birthday, Graduation, or special occasion inside or alone during quarantine or lockdown, it doesn’t have to be sad or boring…it may even be more fun than going out. Some of our most memorable celebrations were

Easy DIY Easter Treats For Adults And Families

If you’re anything like us, you’re well into adulthood but still can’t let go of the classic Easter candy you enjoyed as a kid. Now you don’t have to. We found the best ways to easily turn traditional kids Easter candy into adult Easter treats

Margarita Sugar Cookies By Wasted Desserts

Easy Alcoholic Margarita Sugar Cookies

Here is an easy way to turn sugar cookies into an adult treat or turn your Margarita into sugar cookies! Our alcoholic Margarita Sugar Cookie recipe requires just a few added ingredients to your store bought sugar cookie dough or Grandma’s favorite sugar cookie recipe.

The Balloon Hack Everyone Should Know

Don’t have time or the resources to fill your balloons with helium? Just do the following: 1.) Blow up the balloons with air. 2.) Optional : Tie ribbon to the bottom of each balloon and curl for an added touch. 3.) Get a piece of double stick