Alcoholic Cupcakes

Our alcoholic cupcakes come in three sizes:

  • bite size
  • mini
  • standard

Our moist and buzz worthy alcoholic cupcakes are made with real alcohol and most are offered in two varieties of liquor:

  • house
  • top shelf

Those who don’t drink can enjoy our nostalgic kid friendly non alcoholic flavors and virgin versions of our alcoholic cupcakes.

Although we mainly provide catering for larger orders and events, as a courtesy to our customers we can provide smaller cupcake quantities listed below for pick up and delivery. We may be able to include multiple flavors per dozen depending on availability. Please email us to see if a mix is available [email protected]

Refer to our How To Order page for full order instructions, dessert availability, shipping, customization options, and details.

Pricing and order minimums are as follows:

Bite Size (4 dozen minimum order, 1 flavor per 4 dozen) – House $72 per 4 dozen, Top Shelf $89 per 4 dozen

Mini (2 dozen minimum order or 1 dozen depending on availability, 1 flavor per 2 dozen) – House $33 a dozen, Top Shelf $37

Standard (1 dozen minimum order, 1 flavor per 1 dozen) – House $45 a dozen, Top Shelf $50 (price may vary depending on the requested alcohol)

For catering and display options for your wedding or special event feel free to contact us and visit our Special Occasions page.

Below is a full list of our flavors. We try our best to satisfy all flavor requests so if you don’t see what you want, feel free to email [email protected] or call (424)359-9796 (If you receive a voicemail please LEAVE A MESSAGE so we can be sure to return your call).

Alcoholic Naughty Cupcakes

Warning: Be prepared to blush!

We’re bringing new meaning to the term “food porn” with our original Wasted Naughty flavors line of alcoholic cupcakes that are as sinful and adventurous as the drinks they’re named after.

Don’t see your naughty drink here? Tell us and we may be able to make it for you. Keep checking back as we are adding new naughty flavors all the time.

Click on each photo below and scroll down for flavor descriptions.