Guinness Beer Alcoholic Cupcakes by Wasted Desserts

Formerly known as “Carbomb Cupcakes”, this cupcake is made with Guinness beer and topped off with Irish buttercream frosting for the Irish lover in you. Available in top shelf made with Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur. For orders, inquiries or nationwide shipping please email [email protected] OR call (213) 986-8166.
•Bite size cupcakes- House $1.50 ea./$36 for 2 dz., Top Shelf $1.75 ea./$42 for 2 dz.,
•Mini cupcakes – House 2.50 ea/$30 a dz, Top Shelf 2.75 ea./$33 a dz.,
•Standard cupcakes- House $3.50 ea./$42 a dz., Top Shelf $3.75 ea./$45 a dz.