Pinaa Colada Alcohol Infused Cupcakes

Pina Colada Rum Alcoholic Cupcakes by Wasted Desserts

This isn’t your average coconut cupcake. It’s made with coconut rum and pineapple chunks and topped with a coconut rum cream cheese frosting, a candy cherry pineapple garnish, and a red straw. Available in Top Shelf made with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and an additional candy rhinestone decoration. For orders, shipping, and inquiries please email [email protected] OR CALL (213) 986-8166.
Bite size cupcakes– House $1.50 ea./$36 for 2 dz., Top Shelf $1.75 ea./$42 for 2 dz., Non Alcoholic $1.25 ea./$30 for 2 dz.
Mini cupcakes – House 2.50 ea/$30 a dz, Top Shelf 2.75 ea./$33 a dz., Non Alcoholic $2.25 ea./$30 a dz.
Standard cupcakes– House $3.50 ea./$42 a dz., Top Shelf $3.75 ea./$45 a dz., Non Alcoholic $3.25 ea./$39 a dz.