5 Wine and Spirit Cheatsheets That’ll Make Entertaining Easier

Navigate through celebrations with the greatest of ease with these life saving cheat sheets that will not only make you feel like Martha Stewart but save your sanity and maybe even your waistline. Our personal favorite is number 4.

1.) If you want to indulge without packing on the pounds, this handy cheatsheet tells you exactly how many calories are in alcohol and many popular cocktails, how much to drink, and even some low calorie alternatives…pay attention to the serving size.

Cocktail Calorie Cheatsheet / Wine and Spirit Cheatsheets that will make your life easier


2.) The perfect sour cocktail formula is used to make many of the best cocktails like the Margarita, Daquiri, Gimlet, and Whiskey Sour. The cheatsheet below makes it a breeze.


3.) Champagne cocktails are a staple at every day time celebration. We love them because they’re super light and don’t get your guests completely wasted as quickly. Here’s a cheatsheet showing how to make all of the classics.


4.) Have some alcohol you don’t know what to do with? Infused spirits are SUPER easy to make all you need is a fruit or herb, liquor, and this handy cheat sheet. Wasted Desserts tip: it’s not on the cheat sheet but Sake tastes AMAZING infused with basically any fruit!


5.) Ever wonder what kind of wine or champagne to pair with your favorite meal? This comprehensive cheatsheet is more like a manual that shows which varietals best compliment each kind of meal (and which don’t). It even tells you the best cheese pairings.